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Welcome to Inspiration Alan Salon & Academy, where our over 35 years of industry experience sets us apart. With a clear vision to become the largest and most esteemed chain hair salon in Malaysia, we take pride in providing superb professional hairstyling services and products. Our dedication extends to being the premier hair design academy in the country, shaping creativity and futures through specialized courses.

At Inspiration Alan Salon & Academy, we uphold values of loyalty, integrity, and professionalism. As advocates of excellence, we nurture young, aspiring, and talented hairstylists, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the industry.


  • An advocator of loyalty, integrity and professionalism
  • A nurturer of young, aspiring and talented hairstylists


  • To be the most reputable and recognizable hairdresser in Malaysia
  • Providing superb professional hairstyling services and products
  • To be the best hair design academy in Malaysia
  • Shaping people’s creativity and future through specialized courses

Motto In Life

  • Life is chances and opportunities.
  • Live life with courage and strength.

Alan Ch’ng

Artistic Director

Serina Chan

Professional Hairstylist & Trainer

Crystal Ch’ng

Hair Designer & Trainer

What we Provide



Impeccable haircuts tailored to suit your unique style and preferences.

Hair Styling

Elevate your look with expert hair styling that showcases your individuality.

Hair Coloring

Transform your hair with vibrant colors and stunning highlights.

Hair Rebonding

Achieve sleek, polished locks with our professional hair rebonding treatment.

Hair Perming

Experience stunning, voluminous curls with our expert hair perming service.

Hair Treatment

Revitalize and nourish your hair with rejuvenating treatment options.

Hair Extension

Achieve luscious, voluminous locks with our premium hair extensions.

Hair Wash with Massage

Indulge in a relaxing experience with our luxurious hair washing service.











































Our Own Hair Care Brand

Arzt Grow,

Your Ultimate Scalp Specialist.

We firmly believe that a strong and healthy scalp forms the foundation for beautiful, luscious hair. After meticulous observation and research on common scalp problems and available hair product lines in the market, Arzt Grow was born. Our revolutionary scalp and hair care line integrates cutting-edge German technology, transforming the health and condition of your scalp. Our multi-functional, highly effective products not only improve but also maintain scalp health. Experience the Arzt Grow difference and prepare to be amazed as your scalp undergoes revitalization, renewal, and restoration.

 become a part of our success story

Franchise Opportunity

Join us to be a part of our mission in revolutionizing scalp and hair care. Leverage our expertise, advanced German technology, and established brand to create a successful business. Experience the Arzt Grow revolution and unlock the beauty that begins from within.

Start your journey with Arzt Grow today.

Experience the best in hairstyling at Inspiration Alan Salon & Academy, Sarawak's premier destination for professional hair services and top- quality products. Our award-winning salon and esteemed hair design academy strive to be the largest and most reputable in Malaysia.

Artistic Director - Alan

Professional Hairstylist & Trainer - Serina

Hair Designer & Trainer - Crystal





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